What happens when a genie from nowhere lands up in front of you to grant you a wish. A wish, a choice to make between two recourses. A palatial source ornated with riches you never earned or a life complete in bountiful knowledge to sail through thick and thin. And choosing the former will never give you a chance to even know what latter is all about. But, if chosen the latter, there shall always be a chance to acquire the magnolious life as former.
Mazy! Isn’t it?
Every soul deeply holds an experience within, a maze solved or yet to be! And to solve that maze within, you need to gain knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired through experiences, collaborative activities, engagements, reading etc.

“A well read book is worth an experience.”

Reading opens up those doors which were long closed or forgotten. Firstly, it keeps the reader engaged and secondly, it holds many secrets and experiences of its writers. In short, reading is that step, the writer leaves behind for us to read, his experience. It's for sure a worthy step to take in order to become knowledgeable.

So, What did you choose? I can understand that a palatial call is going to be sweeter than any, but what a life would it be, without an experience to have and share. Isn’t it?

Reading always makes the world a better place to live and see.

It enhances one’s imagination and approach to see and build a better world to be. So, here is my approach to reading and how reading is making the world a better place.

A daily habit of reading helps reduce most of your stress and levels anxiety. “Reading is always better than stress pills.”

So, kickstart and get reading. Many books to read and many more experiences to see.

mojoreads, Reading as it should be!!!