Love is for the brave, not for the slaves.

Where Love is an intricately arranged concoction of delicate, pure emotions and feelings. Ego carries itself in a shell fogged with attitude, anger, and hurried emotions, yet very carefully and grandly disguised as an amour-propre. Visibly, though both are poles apart to compare, in other dimensions it’s just a guided play of energies. Just as the Sun and Moon shine in their own times, love or ego surface happens with the trigger of emotions. Life is all about that dance of Love and Ego to become one as Yin and Yang, to discover the hidden truths and thus restore the balance of life.

The journey of love beholds a wondrous experience for some while it might be a terrible disaster for the other. In some cases, reasons are well validated wherein others they are just a silly umpteen. What the future beholds, is all in your mind and your thoughts.

So, a fairy tale or deathly hallows, cognizance or confusion, it’s always your call.

Choose your thoughts: What you think, you attract.

In any life, and in any situation, love is one beautiful emotion, if we carry forward, irrespective of the outward illusions and our own barrier circumstances, a new beginning happens.

Life is all about NOW! Don’t miss it.

And when your ego is not letting you go or listen to your better half, it’s time you sit and read. Dive into the ocean of great personalities, their experiences, and shares. Pick something that gradually brings you out of your bombshell before that blast happens. For, it’s always love that wins forever.

The law of nature also confirms the same. Opposites attract. When a river of ego merges with the ocean of love, the fairy tale begins!

When you think beyond your limits, transcendence happens! And when you act from that level of perception and consciousness, your true journey begins.

Love is the key to eternal bliss and happiness!

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The Magic Word:

There is always some beauty in the beast and a beast in the beauty. It’s Magic!