All myths have something unique and mysterious hidden within them.

The one thing needed to go on a mythical journey is that interest and dare to adventure attitude. Quite similar is the story of Scarlett and Jake who venture on an assignment which turns into an adventure. Scarlett being a mythological student, is always busy with her mythical studies and research. She always dreamt of adventures and discoveries since childhood. Finally, she bumps into a direct offer from Mr. Peter Anderson, the owner and founder of Natural Artifact Museum. The offer is to go on an expedition to find out whether the age-old myth truly exists or not. And the expedition is ‘A Trip To Atlantis.’

Scarlett was secretly invited for a meeting with Peter on which she had no clue as for what or with whom could that be. She was always excited about the adventures she would do to achieve greatness in her lifetime. So, when Peter sent her a letter leaving an indication similar to ‘follow the white rabbit as in Alice in Wonderland,’ she was first confused about whether to take the offer or not but later decides to take a step and see what is it all about. All through the way Scarlett fails to notice one thing, her cousin Jake who was secretly following her to the museum and listening to the whole conversation from the rooftop. And a minute later after Scarlett leaves the place, Jake too tries to follow her back home but a huge crack on the ceiling leaves him dropped in dust in the middle of the shack with a loud thud. Peter out of rage, opens the door to see Jake on the ground. Out of anxiety, he enquires who the hell was he? and what was he doing there? Introducing himself to be Scarlett’s cousin and professionally, a Zoologist, he too joins the team in the last minute.
Peter calls in the whole crew into the shack for a brief meet and Scarlett feels appalled at the sight of her cousin Jake being present there. All of them are introduced to one another and they return back waiting for the sign of call. And finally, the day came!

The preparation begins and so does the amazing adventure awaits for the team!

Strange dreams and vivid imaginations fog over the minds of Scarlett and Jake all through the journey. Adventure seems to get more interesting at every step whilst fear too has its own place in their minds for what may come to fore.
Amidst tremendous anxiety on one hand and expectation of a stupendous experience on the other they all board on for the expedition.
Facing the dark forces, rising up against their trickery and treachery to save a sunken kingdom from complete chaos is the story well written with interesting plots and twists.

Myths Coming True is an amazing adventurous ebook not to miss!!!