Where our labile emotions flow, there shall the course of our destiny begin!

Just like the varying Pacific, uncertain is the human mind. Not so often the oceans seem calm and blue, they ought to change their colors quite often just like our wavy thoughts. Sometimes they choose to be grey and sometimes they appear as boisterous white crests. And then suddenly, the blue becomes arrogant. The Sun shines fiercely and appears brighter as the clouds dissipate. As the winds drift through the blood, the Voyagers grow impatient for the unknown, the shores yet to explore. The oceans have seen the wildest dreams of men. The ever restless, cruel desires of life have made their youthfulness and memories fade in vain.

The Pacific Sojourn:

Such was the journey of Mackintosh and his administrator Walker. Recollecting the old memories of the long journeys and hard experiences, he gleamed in a sigh of relief as he had successfully fulfilled his voyage and found his new abode The Happy Isles. Sailing through an unimaginable silence upon the enchanted sea he recalled, the once shiny flat sea and then those fleecy clouds, at sunset, taking strange shapes as long lofty mountains. It seemed as if it were the country they were dreaming of. Time and then, few gulls pass by to enlighten that, the land is not far off. And in a quest to find that long forgotten island hidden in the wilderness of deep waters, they often forget to give their soul some rest.

The Trembling of a Leaf: Little Stories of the South Sea Islands by William Somerset Maugham is one from his collection which belongs to oceanic fiction. This ebook is for seafarers and adventurous voyagers who would love to read travel fiction. A few short stories pooled together yet they are entwined in a beautiful way to give the readers the best ever experience.

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