Travel, for sure is an adventure. How short or long the journey might be! A distant place to tour, with loads of memories to share and many more waiting to be explored, are an awesome lot never to miss. Moreover, an adventure book to read through while traveling is another thrilling experience to own.

While Ana was on her way to memories distant, feeling bored with the routine cup of coffee and conversations, just gave a thought to what else she can do. She suddenly realized, all the years that passed through, she was reading and yet missed that!

What if you are in the midst of a journey and you would love to read that one book of your selected choice and from nowhere in the middle of the journey you can have it to read. Weird Right? But wait, Why do we have to worry about this now? When we can purchase an eBook online and get reading. So, quickly, Ana grabbed the ebook of her choice online and started reinvigorating her past memories.

A Narrative Pick:
Traveling though, yet feeling charmed and relaxed on a brilliant Friday morning. Ana wanted to read something unique, in the story, writing, and experience. To her surprise, she found many such exciting stories to be read. Eager was she, so picked one to read. And so she chose Two under the Indian Sun by Jon and Rumer Godden. An adventurous, charming, memorable journey of two sisters who traveled all the way from England to India to meet their parents.

The Story of Jon and Rumer:

It was during the chaotic times of first world war when the sisters decided to move to India for tranquility and happiness. Having reached to their parents, the sisters led a quiet idyllic life. Happy they were as days, months, and years passed by, and they put up plays to people around, wrote books, and their summers were cozily spent in Coonoor, Mussoorie, Kashmir, and Darjeeling.

Years passed, and their journeys turned into memorable experiences until their journey to Hooghly happened, after which their idyll soared and worsened, just before they were about to leave for England. The sisters grew apart on their first fight with each other over the affection of a man.

Dating back to the 1900’s, the living, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and memories, all beautifully captured together in this ebook.
What happened after their journey to Hooghly? Did they value their years spent in peace or chose the first fight to last? What were their experiences in India? And what did they carry on their way back to England? Is the story to be read!

A thrilling experience in store for mojoreaders to be!!!

Two under the Indian Sun by Jon and Rumer Godden is an ebook not to miss.

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