Do Ghosts really exist? Or are they just illusions come real out of fear and confusion.

What if they truly exist? And a family comes up with an idea to sell-off their grand ancestral property after centuries of agony encountered by them over generations. The world is full of contradictory beliefs, where if one believes that ghosts do exist, the other denies and calls it as silly. The law needs proof and some incidents cannot be proved, no matter what. Even though we do have paranormal activity tracking devices and godmen who are gifted with supernatural powers, yet some cases remain super horrific and soul-shattering when encountered even today.

Quite similar is the story of Lord Canterville and his experience with the ghost in his Chase. Frightened to the core, he decides to sell off the place to an American Minister Mr. Otis. Being an American, despite being warned by many over the haunted place, Mr. Otis trashes them as baseless and buys the Chase from Lord Canterville. Mr. Otis indeed is quite happy for he bought the immensely beautiful place for a rock-bottom price.

He moves into his new place along with his wife and four children. And the game begins!

The ghost starts its play and begins to trick and torture the family. The same play it did with all the families who stayed there so far. It has been tormenting people for over 300 years and the experience was quite fearful for the ones living in there. So, now it is the turn of Mr. Otis to face the Ghost of Canterville.

The Ghost has been playing the same tune with the family of Mr. Otis and had no more new games up in its sleeve. Quite surprisingly, its chicanery didn’t work well on Mr. Otis and his family. Instead, to its own surprise, they scared the ghost away when they played the same game back on it.

Among all the four children of Mr. Otis, his only daughter Virginia was a kind-hearted one and she becomes a friend to the ghost. Tired with their tricks, the ghost decides to get some sleep as it had not taken any rest for over 300 years. It finally realizes that death is so peaceful and decides to leave the Canterville Chase. It takes Virginia along to show where its dead body lies.

Does the devil really want to leave Canterville or is it planning for a revenge to take on Mr. Otis is the story to be read?

Will Mr. Otis discover the reason behind the whole torture or will he lose his kindness to the evil forever. Click here for the complete story.

Now that’s the story of the Ghost of Canterville, a journey of a ghost that never gave up on its torture to what happens next?

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde is a fun-filled thriller not to miss!

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