Amidst the incomparably picturesque snowy mountains, the glazing snow, and the hustle of rivers, life shall undoubtedly be a pleasant experience. Little can anyone expect that a beautiful imagination as such might behold a tiresome experience for some. This is the story of the author herself, where she gives some hope and reassurance to the loners and the lonely. Rumer Godden, a gifted and a sensitive writer shares her times through the eBook Rungli-Rungliot.

This journal best describes the severe times she had encountered in a year spent in the enchanting corner of India. With tea gardens on the Himalayan slopes and beautiful mountains all around, the place was surely an experience not to miss. Despite residing in such a scenically engaging beauty, she stayed busy with work and upbringing of her two daughters. Dating back to the times of the second world war, the author shares her experience in her own words. All she had with her in those turbulent times were two children, a nanny, few pets and a lot of uncertainty. All the memories and experiences she gathered, at that time, were carefully captured and presented through her eBook Rungli-Rungliot which means Thus Far and No Further.

The arduous effort she had put in, and all the pain endured has been very well portrayed. Through her journal, the author records her days in despair.

In unadorned words, she explains how the endless driving rain of monsoon not giving even an occasion to stay dry for a couple of hours. Every day, she finds her daughters anew as if she had never seen them at all. In all the dire circumstances, yet not losing a hope, sowing an autumn garden that refuses to heed direction. In those days of extreme solitude with chilling winds, their material world is stripped away leaving their spirits to soar. An almost aborted Christmas, yet the eternal snows of Kanchenjunga and Pandim smile in serenity.

Altogether, the author gently puts in her hard times and how she came out of the spell of despair. Rungli-Rungliot is a perfect eBook for mountain lovers and who prefer a quiet, meditative life.

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