Even Squirrels have families. And little fluffy tail’s home nestles in the heart of a very kind, old oak tree. On a beautiful island completely surrounded by the lake, lived the most humble and happiest family, a father, a mother and fluffy tail. This is the story of the fluffy tail and her adventures. Let’s get into the detail of her story.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the father squirrel worked hard all day long to gather nuts to store for his family. He would store those nuts in the larder for winters. And the mother squirrel, besides her regular home chores, would take time to gather nuts and would hide away in all sorts of places where no lazy squirrel could ever find them. Not that, she wouldn’t help the ones in need. But she had seen these lazy little rascals who would not work hard and in winters, they come to her door to snatch or ask for food. Well, that’s bad! So, the lady squirrel, in order to teach them a lesson, used to hide nuts in random places and save for her children to have. Smart, Isn’t she?

One fine day, when Mrs. Squirrel was on her daily chores, she heard a knock on their door. To her surprise, it was a messenger from Mrs. Squire Squirrel holding an invitation for a surprise party and it was for the fluffy tail. The little Squirrel was quite delighted when she found that she was invited for the event, as parties happen rarely on their island. All the little fluffy was afraid of were, those summer visitors who would always be hungry and trying to hunt them down for Squirrel pot-pie, the winter shivers, and by the arrival of spring, their food would almost be over.

And the party day arrived, little fluffy wore the prettiest party dress ever. She also had those fluffy pink bows and new slippers to wear for the party. After waving goodbye to her mother, little fluffy’s thoughts were filled with the happiest moments she could have at the party and the goodies she would share with her friends. Lost in her thoughts, she traveled a mile or so, when she heard a weeping voice and there she found a mouse whose tail got trapped in between two stones.

Little fluffy did all she could and set release tim’s tail from under those rocks. Tim gracefully thanked fluffy for her help and promised to repay it when needed. And fluffy moved on.

A little way she walked down the lane, she almost stepped on a fallen bird. She quickly realized and stepped back. Carefully, she took the bird and was about to put the baby pecker in her nest. Just then, her mother arrived and was alarmed to see her baby in fluffy’s hands. She explained Mrs. Pecker on her care for the baby and she returned her safely to her nest. So happy was the mother and she thanked fluffy for her help and promised her that ever if she needed a friend, she would surely help her. And little fluffy thanked Mrs. Pecker for her graciousness and moved on.

Then she murmured to herself, if I keep helping everyone on the way, I shall never reach the party. From now on, I shall pretend not to hear any voice even if I did so, fluffy thought to herself and she hurried.

She walked quite fastly until she heard a fluttering and rustling in the leaves. She turned back to check what it was and found it to be a little bat who dropped off from her branch while sleeping. The bat humbly requested fluffy to hang her back upside down on the branch, as bats sleep that way. Little fluffy did as she was asked and the gentle bat promised to repay the kind help some day.

She was so quick and fast this time, that she never stopped, until miles away after she realized that she made a left turn instead of right and from nowhere she is going to reach her destiny. Helpless and frightened, fluffy, sat down and cried for a very long time on her carelessness.

Will fluffy be able to join the party and enjoy goodies with her friends? Will her friends, whom she helped all the way along her journey, fulfill their promises? Will they help fluffy find her destination? And will fluffy reach home safe without falling prey for the big Tabby Cat? Is the story to be read.

The Adventures of Squirrel Fluffy Tail is an awesome moral and kind piece for story readers and reading enthusiasts.

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