Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and seeing is believing!

We believe what we see and that's why our eyes hold the first place among our senses. Gifted are the people who can see and even more gifted are the people who can protect their eyes throughout the lifetime. Unfortunately, today, in constant yearn to learn and earn we are wasting 90% of our eyes life in unhealthy habits.

Reading an eBook is far better than watching tv shows and cartoons.

And those years of unhealthy addictions can be easily overcome by giving some of your time to healthy habits like reading. And mojoreads makes it, even more, easier and brings in an everlasting rich reading experience to all the readers out there and to be.

Where can you get a better reading experience?

mojoreads, a social reading platform where, readers can read, share and collaborate with their ones.

Readers can read books and write reviews on their favorites and earn money.

Form groups of your interests and bring in your friends.

Share something confidential or secretive through hidden groups.

Build your own club with your friends.

Find and connect with readers and book lovers across the globe, and

Curate your books to showcase on your profile page.

Just like any other product, keeping in mind our readers choice of reading free ebooks, we give away a vast collection of good books of around 10,000 for free.

So, Invite yourself and bring in your friends onto mojoreads and start reading as the experience would be far richer with collaborative reading.

mojoreads, Where reading pays off!