As we sow, so we grow!

A farmer ploughs his fields and sows seeds and in return, he expects a rich bountiful harvest. Just like that when a reader picks a book, he is not just reading it, but in reality, he is evolving from nothing to something. That something which marks as bountiful knowledge and is needed to learn, grow, and survive in this man-made world.

So read don’t just lead.

Reading not only gives knowledge but also imbibes maturity and tactfulness in its readers. It improves the presence of mind and also hones the intellectual ability of its reader. So, the best way to lead is to read.

What to Read?
From dawn to dusk, all are engaged with their responsibilities. And when you have finally decided to take time to read. Invest some time to think about what you want to read and why.
One amongst the best habits to be queued is reading.

Here are a few reading recommendations for all ages.

Kids are an epitome of innocence and enthusiasm. So, the activities being presented to them must be really engaging. One of the best ways to keep them busy is selecting a short story with good morale and beautiful pictures. This will not only keep them engaged but will also fine tune them with kindness and morality. eBooks are kids engagers! Don’t miss them.

Dream your teens with fun-filled stories, activities, thrillers, inspirational reads, poetry, adventure, travel, fiction, test prep, and many more. These years are the most memorable and destiny harbingers for every life. So, choose your path wisely, dream the best and nest every memory to cherish for a lifetime. This is the time when hard work, patience, and dreams together make every impossible possible.

By the passage of time, as age increases skin withers. But life would be much healthier and happier if books and knowledge follow throughout. An insight into prominent lives, their works, articles, columns, and achievements leave us to feel that our learning has just started. The unique blend of their knowledge and experience will treat you with their ethnicity and finesse.

After all the responsibilities fulfilled and the time arrives to relax and rejuvenate, one can choose to get with travel, adventure, cookbooks, gardening and also know how well they can advance themselves spiritually. Just like laughter, reading too is the best medicine for the agers. Altogether, Reading is for sure, one amongst the best-needed tools to keep you engaged.

mojoreads, Reading as it should be!!!