However dark the dusk might be, dawn shall always greet at the end of the horizon.

Life holds many experiences within, some told and many untold. Some left in the darkness while some gleam in magnificence. Altogether, life is a mysterious play where hope stands as a great favor at every step to guide, motivate, and lead us further. Where the present is always into what has to be done for a brighter picture tomorrow while the past lingers in remembrances. But to pilot those fathomless memories of the past whilst planning in the present-laden with dreams of future is a twisty game to handle.

Life is not just about our own experience, it also means to read others share which would be of great assist during trying times. It takes a good amount of time and creativity to craft and draft one's experiences and great strength to share the same with the world. Quite interestingly, our author Joseph Jose happened to write and share his experiences through his marvelous work Buried Thoughts.

A Quick Insight:
Joseph structures and pens his work into four parts - Love, Remembrance, Mistakes, and Hope.All that he learned and came over from the beginning until the book came out has been very carefully put to paper. The best part of the book is acceptance of his mistakes. His love for what all he had, his tiny remembrances of his acts and celebrations, and his hope for a long journey to happiness.

Buried Thoughts by Joseph. Jose is an amazing work not to miss!

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