Dreams are not fantasies, we have to make them happen!
The journey of life is so mystique as a fog on the path.

Amidst the misty journey of life, basks somewhere a tiny thread of friendship which fills the void, unshackles the burdens and sets us free. What a pleasant journey would that be with fun, laughter, care and share throughout the journey.

On the Open Road by Stuti Changle brings four different life stories onto one plate to read.

The story revolves around the lives of Myra, Kabir, Sandy and Ramy, restless dreamers in their 20’s struggling to live life on their own terms. Like every other story, their journey too swings between happiness and depression, fear and conquest, and dreaming and achieving. But what holds them together throughout the rise and fall of life is their undying friendship.

In the midst of right and wrong, past and future there stands now, just put your dream there and make it happen!

The story begins at their favorite sit out places, their imaginations, discussions, and perception of dreams and reality, their hard journey loaded with efforts, fallbacks, wisdom, and their comeback which finally became an answer altogether, a startup to begin with.

With lots of soul searching and months of agonized planning, the courage that Myra, Kabir, and Sandy ignited within themselves is so inspiring that today it made them stand as role models and mentors for many. They shared their experiences well to make it easier for the fellows who are yet struggling on the same path as they did.

Just keep the doubts away and realize your abilities, everything else falls into place if you work with completeness in effort and time - Myra

Though a work of fiction, On the Open Road by Stuti Changle, gives the hitch of real life throughout its read.

A wonderful share for all the entrepreneurs to be and a light to the dreamers in the line.

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