As a cup goes with a saucer and nail goes with a hammer, so does reading with the mind. Just as a vivid flavor fine tunes your deepest senses, reading uniquely blends knowledge into our immeasurable space, making every corner gleam in bright radiance.

Just like every avid reader, Amar too loved the travel collections, he had. This is his story. What if you are on a destined journey and somehow the path breaks and makes you take a flip turn to a place unknown yet beautiful. Will you still be able to experience the bliss that journey beholds. Quite similar was the experience of Amar who was on his way from Leh to Lhasa. Just recently he brought an adventure diary which had the detail of every corner of the place he was about to visit. He gladly put it among the travel collections in his library to read.

Even today, years after that escapade, he still deeply remembers that experience he had on his journey from Leh to Lhasa.

It was a fine pleasant morning, Amar had to pack his bags and hurry on his expedition. But the thought somehow got out of his mind that he had already bought a book to read on this journey and it was on his shelf. He wanted to carry that book along with him on his journey so that he could know more about the place he never visited. But unfortunately, in a hurry, he forgot to carry the book and he started off on his journey.

And the journey began. The Sun gleamed in bright radiance high up in the sky and Amar fed himself with the best breakfast. All in all, what an amazing day it was!

Just until they heard a huge sound of a fall and very soon discovered it to be a massive landslide in the midst of the journey. Left with no choice, they had to take a turn and pick another route to continue. Disappointed they were, yet the journey became more interesting when they traveled all through the forests and snowy plains. A path completely new and an experience unplanned.

Alas, if only Amar could carry that book along or at least could have read it once before leaving. How helpful would that be?

Traveling amidst a beautiful scenic place, yet so unknown. There might even be unforeseen dangers lurking in the hide. Then he realized, books are not meant to be piled as libraries but they are meant to be read.
What if he read the book before he started off on his journey? Would the journey have been any different? Who knows!

Reading is the best ever experience everyone must have, for who knows where it might lead you to. A journey towards your destiny always begins with the first step to read.

So, Read, Tread and Lead!

Hook your nerves into reading and bring a light into your journey.

Reading, a gateway to the journey within.

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