Adventures are never planned, they happen!

Going on an adventure trip is quite known, but when something strange, unexpected sweeps off the plans and steers the travelers into the unknown, like a confirmed perilous trap in nature’s most beautiful yet tricky places, what happens is the story to be read. Human enthusiasm and curiosity when met with reality, the stories dare to be different and unique. But the risk involved in going ahead with such a journey and putting every detail onto paper to share with the world is another adventure too. Traveling to places where human life is impossible to survive after a certain limit, yet their constant struggle and effort to stay alive and return back is an adventure to be shared and needs to be read. Many real-life adventures as such have failed to survive and make it to paper. Fiction though, Jules Verne dared to think differently and took it to paper through one of his work “The Field of Ice,” an adventure in Antarctica.

My Note:

Life is a busy game and it's the same with me too. But, how much ever busy I might be, I take time to read. Fantasy, fiction, health, fairytales, cookbooks are my favorite collections. One fine morning, I happened to come across this eBook, “The Field of Ice” and started reading it. Basically, after reading a page or two, if the book doesn’t carry interest, I stop reading. But this one from Jules Verne collection is an awesome work till the end. I enjoyed reading every bit of it till the last.

My Rating: 5/5
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The Story:

Hatteras with his team dared to head on a journey to the North Pole to gain for his country, the glory and honor of his discovery. In the middle of their journey, their boat shattered to pieces. All because of the treachery of his worn out crew and a criminal folly of his leading spirits, their boat went to blast. Under terribly unimaginable circumstances and with frosty temperatures all around, they had no shelter to rest and people to help. They had to survive on the leftovers of the blast. With very little food left and miles to travel in icy glaciers, they lost all hope until a thought flashed into their perplexed minds, Porpoise.

Finding Porpoise wasn’t an easy journey for them. Lots of hidden dangers, with hungry mammals on one side and unpredictable weather conditions on the other, altogether their lives were at jeopardy. Gathering courage, they dug a hole in the heart of a huge solid block of ice to take some rest and start over. With available maps and gadgets, they could discover where their savior ship Porpoise was and they headed towards it. They believed that the ship carried abundant provisions and combustibles and is still yet not thrown over to pieces yet. So, if they managed to reach porpoise, they could survive with the available stock there, was the plan.

Did they ever manage to reach Porpoise? What dangers have they encountered on their journey and how did they overcome them? Did they survive and make it back or were they hunted down by the hungry mammals? is the story to be read. Altogether, The Field of Ice is an amazing entertainer with its twists and turns well captured. How an inescapable danger turned to adventure is the story to be read.

An amazing ebook for all the adventure lovers.

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