A long time ago, there lived a beautiful family at Matsuyama with their loving little daughter and they loved their only daughter with all their hearts. One fine day the father decided to leave for the great city of Japan and do some business. He promises to get back on time and bring in some pretty presents for his lovely daughter. The family has never been away from their village and the thought of her husband’s dream to go to the big city frightened her a bit, and yet she was proud, for he would be the first man in all the country to go to the city where the King and his great Lords lived. Also, there were many beautiful, and curious things to be seen there.

A bit worried the mother seemed while she was waiting eagerly for her husband’s return and prayed soulfully for his safe comeback. Days passed by and the time came when she was expecting him to be back. So, they dressed well to greet him with a happy welcome. At last, her husband came. Quiet delighted she was to see him back and thanked the gods above for his safe return. The little lad was pretty excited about the toys her father bought for her while her father was excited to share the wonderful experience he had throughout his journey, with his wife.

“I have brought you a very pretty thing,” he said to his wife. The wife was eager to have a look at her present and when she opened the box, she found a beautiful round piece of metal. It’s one side being white as frosted silver and bedecked with raised figures of birds and flowers, and the other side is bright as the clearest crystal. She was quite surprised and wondered as to what could that be. And when she looked into the crystal side, she found a beautiful smiling happy woman’s face with bright eyes and she wondered who could that be. Her dear husband replied, my woman, it’s you in there. You are admiring your own reflection and it’s a mirror.  That was the first time that she came across something like a mirror, yet she feared if it might become an object of pride. So, she carefully wrapped it and put it back in the wooden box and hid inside.

Times pass by and suddenly something happens and the mother brings the mirror out and hands it over to her beloved little daughter. What the mirror brings into their lives and why her daughter holds the mirror so close to her heart is the story to be read.

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