It’s true that fiction is elucidated as an illusion. Yet that illusory approach to stories has left people with mind-boggling experiences. There are instances when fiction stories were so inspiring and entertaining that they made it from sheets to screens. Fiction stories are the long-lasting ones and they leave a vast impact on the audience.

There is an ocean of fiction on paper and yet to be explored. All to entertain a colossal mass of audience!

Fiction - an illusioned addiction:

Fiction is an amass of stories unheard and unread. The journey of fiction begins with a thought and plays a stage for various characters. It brings in an ocean of enthusiasm and engagement for its humongous audience.

It is not an easy-peasy game when it comes to writing fiction. Every minuscule detail entwined around the story and its characters must be noted gingerly.

Many concepts anew come to life through a fiction work and many experiences ever unheard of breathe in sense. Anything can be fiction and there is no cap on it. For instance, it can be a story or novel or a character at Scandinavian Northern Lights, Polar Nights, and Midnight Sun to Melbourne’s Moomba festival to Japanese Cherry Blossoms to Indian Arts and Architecture. Fiction can be anything, and all it seeks is to lace together as many audiences as it can.

Many amongst the simon-pure works too have a minute tweak of a fictitious offer within.

Such is the work of fiction!

Engage yourselves in the best fiction galore ever.

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