Adventures are never planned, they happen.

And when Harry had his crunch of experience, he was left astonished at how brave and sensible he was. Bewildered yet amazed at the wonderful insight he could unfurl while staying with his uncle Professor Hardwigg. Mr. Hardwigg was well known for his astute classification of six hundred different geological specimens by their weight, hardness, fusibility, sound, taste, and smell. Harry’s interest in mineralogy and geology made him listen to his uncle’s words in complete attention and he made sure that no detail shall be left unnoticed. Hardwigg was always absorbed in books and research and was peculiarly fond of early editions, tall copies, and unique works.

An avid reader not just admires the context within but also pays attention to appearance and clarity while reading, says Hardwigg.

Little did Harry knew, the book that Hardwigg was holding at that moment would be a precursor to his life’s best experiences and adventures yet to arrive. Looking at his innocent face, the book beholds a runic manuscript, the language of the original population of Iceland, invented by Odin himself, bawled Hardwigg. Harry stayed perplexed staring at his uncle yet his interest deepened.

The story started with a flyleaf which had a blot of ink on it, but wait, Hardwigg examined carefully with his magnifier to discover it was a line of writing which almost got effaced over time. A pleasant discovery was made but it beholds an unknown mysterious and adventurous journey yet to be experienced.

Harry was alarmed at the names he read aloud, Yocul, Sneffels, and Scartaris as he never ever heard of such, but Hardwigg seemed to have seen them on paper. Patting himself for his remembrance, he quickly pointed to a map from the shelf which his friend Augustus Peterman shared a while ago. Through some research they could locate Mountain Sneffels on the map which was five thousand feet in height and through its crater, Mr. Hardwigg claimed that center of earth could be reached.

Impossible! Cried, Harry. Startled at the thought of Hardwigg to visit Sneffels, a place complete in lava, burning rocks, and infinite dangers.
But what if it was extinct, it would be different! clarified Hardwigg.

Yet Harry was shaken by the idea completely as unforeseen dangers would be lurking all over the island and a visit to Sneffels could feed them to unwanted dangers and leave them in ashes. But Hardwigg gracefully kept aside Harry’s fears and called it a moment of great expedition. Hardwigg had a theoretical explanation to all of Harry’s questions and fears.

“Fear Nothing! We shall overcome all difficulties.” Besides, the moment we reach to the center, I expect it to be luminous claimed the Professor.

And thus began, Hardwigg and Harry’s “A Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

How did the journey begin? Thoughts and experiences of Harry and Hardwigg captured to the very minute detail. Their voyage to the mysterious place, their return unsure. What happens on the mysterious island. Did their journey lead them to a place magnificent or threw them into the chaos of volcanic eruptions.
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