From rise to set, people focus on just earning for themselves and their responsibilities. Undenying the fact that it’s always good to witness the taste of hard effort put into your work. As it is not a swift eventuality. Just like the germination process and its next evolution from a budding plant into a huge tree, even efforts, breathe success after persistent, well thought and planned actions followed by a significant amount of time involved.

We must never forget that “Everything is time-bound.”

Now, all the efforts put in, for sure will yield results sooner or later, but that one thing which shall never stop from showing up time and again is health.

So, Plan your Health out of your Wealth!

Here are 10 best suggestions for a real wealthy life!

  1. Treat your ego with Surya Namaskara:

Yoga starts off with basic stretch exercises which frees your body and mind. Evince your inner devotion through Surya Namaskar and Kriyas. Again, yoga holds a perfect assemblage of all exercises needed for the proper functioning of every minor organ in our body. It also believes the fact that, a healthy body and mind must go hand in hand. It is indeed one awesome tool to aim for a healthy life, an active mind, and a blissful spirit.

Yoga - From Ego to Go.

2. Peace in waters:

Start off with a swimming class and summers are the best to go ahead. Swim like a fish and gift yourselves a soothing experience. Quite wavy are human emotions just like waters. And, swimming unburdens our useless emotions and revitalizes our mood and mind.

Swim - From Grim to Grin.

3. Hook your thoughts with a book:

Reading books is a wonderful activity which, if made a daily habit, can just do wonders on your thinking ability and capacity. If we just shed a glance on the world’s most prominent personalities, one of their daily engagement activity is reading. Since childhood, we all read, academics, stories, test preparations, history, business, management and what not. It’s time to change the flavor, not food. Now after all our education is well done, it’s time to read some inspirational, fictional, motivational and many collections made available. Just pick your choice.

Reading: Start off with reading a page and it will take you to the end

4. A Comedy Hour:

Engage yourselves in watching a comedy film or serial episodes of your choice. Ensure that your pick makes you forget everything and leaves you in tickles. A routine of such, even in your break shall refresh your mind and makes you work better.

Laugh until those deep burdens roll out of your eyes as smiles.

5. Music:

It’s to no surprise when people say music heals even the deepest wounds. There were times when music made flowers bloom, rivers flow, birds sing and nature dance. Listening to music eases nerves and releases stress. Just grab on your headset and listen to some selected few of your choice. Help yourselves!

Music - Free yourselves from your ocean of emotions.

6. Gardening:

So easy to start off with. All you need is a mud pot, a plant, and some water. Daily care for your plants will nurture your goodness within and shall make you an improved human being each day. When the flowers bloom, plants grow and when your turn your balcony into an organic pot for your cooking, how healthy would it be!!! So, engage yourselves in gardening for your health and well being.

Gardening - You are on your own. From farmer to gardener.

7. Vacation:

How awesome would it be if you could go on that dream vacation once every year? Research says, at least once in a year, we must visit that place, we had never visited before. Give your eyes a break and present them with the scenic beauty of nature. Meet new people, know their culture, tradition, and foods. Engage yourself in the vastness and uniqueness of nature’s beauty.

Don’t forget to try something new like paragliding, bungee jumping, cave exploration, trekking in forests, scuba diving, and whatever possible or available.

Stream your dreams with vacations.

8. Social service:

What more is needed when life is fulfilled with all that is necessary or even more. Be kind enough to what life has offered you by giving a part of your earning for a good cause.

Just giving it a thought like how best we can donate our money for the best cause.

  • Spending on the education of a child
  • Donation to public kitchens
  • Offering medicinal help to those in need
  • Arranging for monthly groceries for a family and many more.
A help in need is a great deed indeed.

9. Cooking:

Cook for your family, it is one activity that holds your family best bonded. A dinner together with the family should be of priority in every man’s schedule. It needn’t be a sumptuous buffet spread, just cook with whatever is available with your heart to make it the best dinner ever. After all the activities and stress busters, nothing soothes your soul better than good food. So, once in a while, cook for your family and invite friends for lunch.

Cooking: An amazing experience not to miss!!!